A few words about the festival…

Dear Guests,
20 years have passed since we welcomed the very first participants and listeners of the
International Choir Festival. At that time, we didn’t even dare to dream about its following
editions full of splendor brought about by our guests and choirs that introduced
us to their artistic practice originating from every part of the world. A single thought
crossed our minds then, namely that the festival should prevail and the sound of music
should be heard across Szczecin and the entire region despite potential obstacles.
And it did! This year’s edition surpasses itself. The programme of the week-long event
includes 15 concerts played on both sides of the border, including two grand performances
with the participation of the solo artists, choirs and symphony orchestra,
as well as the gala concert of the choirs from the Philippines and Sweden.
We hope that the singers, conductors and choral music’s aficionados will gain unrivalled
experience. In addition, we wish to express our sincere gratitude for the support
of numerous contributors and institutions, without which the execution of the
10th International Choir Festival would border on the impossible. We brought to life
an unprecedented event imbued with perfect beauty and harmony.
Looking forward to seeing you at the hopefully immensely enjoyable performances,