About the Festival

Dear Singers, Conductors, and Listeners,

The International Choir Festival in Szczecin has been gathering excellent choirs for years.

Once again, we are creating an interesting, varied program that we will present in concert halls and churches in Szczecin, Prenzlau, Kamień Pomorski, Baniewice, and Gorzów Wielkopolski. The festival is co-created by over 20 choirs, that is, over 500 singers. We will share our own culture, sensitivity, and talent.

Cultural diversity is a value that we have always cultivated. The festival has long been involved in bands from different continents; this year they are from Europe, Asia, and America. In particular, the final concert is the expression of this, when the audience has the opportunity to listen to combined festival choirs singing outstanding works with great strength and precision. This year, the culmination of the whole will be the C-Major Coronation Mass of W.A. Mozart.

We would like to thank all people and institutions that support the International Choir Festival for their help and understanding of our needs, also the financial ones. To involved conductors and singers, we wish you unforgettable performances and many new contacts, maybe even friendships. We wish the audience and us to this edition of the festival, during which Szczecin will become the Polish choral capital for the eleventh time, has remained in our memory as an inspiring and valuable experience.

prof. Dariusz Dyczewski – Director of the Festival, Rector of the Academy of Art in Szczecin, President of the Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras

prof. Eugeniusz Kus – Artistic Director of the Festival / Künstlerischer Leiter des Festivals